New Arisens Childcare


General Question

Some common questions are listed here. If you do not see your question please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Do you have extended hours?

Yes, we do have extended hours and they are available upon request. Simply contact one of our locations for details. Our phone number is 215-329-3300 and our fax number is 215-501-5010.

Can you pick up my child?

Yes, we do have a drop-off and pick-up service. When registering your child, please speak to one of our representatives about setting up this option.

Do you have a summer camp?

We do offer summer camp. In the months of July and August, we also have weekly trips for the children. You can contact one of our centers to sign your child up for our program. Keep in mind, that other fees may apply for the trips.

What ages do you accept at your centers?

We take children 6 months to 12 years of age at our daycare centers.

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